I don't have a driver's licence. Is it problem?
Not at all. A driver's license is not required for our offroad tracks.

Is there some kind of age limit?
Recommendation is 15 years.

Me and my buddys have motorbike driving licences. Is it possible to include both offroad tracks and gravel roads into the safari?
Yes. All our bikes are registered for road use, so we can ride gravel road sections and what ever you prefer.

Can I participate even if I haven't ridden a motorcycle before?
If you know how to ride a bicycle you can safely get involved. Riding training is given in accordance with the participant's baseline. Training starts with basics, if you have no previous experience with motorcycles.

Is there point in coming if I already know how to ride enduro?
Absolutely! If basic riding starts to feel tedious you can always improve your riding skills with our trainer Lauri who is Finnish Enduro Championship bronze medalist.

How is the safety taken care of?
All riders wear safety equipment to protect from potential scratches. All riders have a helmet, chest and back armor, elbow and knee pads, motocross boots, pants, jersey, jacket and gloves. All riders will have instructions for safe riding and training for handling the bike. All routes are selected considering rider skill level and physical condition.

What to wear?
All the riding gear is provided by Motor Monkey. What the customer should wear under the riding gear depends on the weather. In cold weather it's recommended to wear a set of warm underwear. During the summer simple t-shirt is just fine.

Is it absolutely sure that there is suitable bike and riding gear for me?
We have plenty of equipment and large selection of sizes, so that everyone will certainly find a suitable riding gear. There is also different bike models where to choose the right one. You can find bike specifications from here.

What if I don't manage to keep up with other riders or I have troubles on the route?
When riding on offroad route the first and last rider is allways somebody from the Motor Monkey staff. Leading rider selects routes and makes the stops for breaks. Last rider will help in problem situations and keep the group together.

How are environmental issues taken care of?
Motor Monkey rides only marked trails. Routes have been designed to minimize the load on the environment. All our bikes are well maintained, so oil and other chemicals can not contaminate the environment.

Will I get enough riding during the day?
Yes absolutely. Routes are selected according to the riders' skill level. This ensures safety and the rider will get just the right amount of riding.

What about the weather? If it rains or it is too cold or too warm?
There is no such thing as bad enduro weather. We will ensure the weather is the last thing on your mind when we get to the route. In any case the main idea of this sport is getting as dirty and tired as possible. Equipment is also very important in allowing you to concentrate in riding no matter what kind of weather it is.

Sauna after safari?
Yes, you may also include sauna, refreshments and meals to your experience. Remember to mention your needs when booking the event.

Insurance needs?
All Motor Monkey bikes are covered by traffic insurance. If you hurt yourself when riding, all medical costs will be covered by the insurance.

What's the price?
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