Enduro experience in Tampere, Finland

Like they say, if you visit the Canary Islands you haven't visited Spain.

In every country cities are a bit similar. Buildings are a little bit different from each other but the biggest differences are found from there where the city is ending. We think true Finland cannot be found from the centre of Helsinki. If you are intrested what is behind all that concrete elements you should come with us and see it for yourself.

Finnish countryside is a more original landscape with friendly people and good atmosphere. Motor Monkey takes you to adventure the heart of authentic Finnish nature in a way that is going to be a very different kind of experience. An experience which is going to stay in your memories!

All you have to do is wait in the lobby of your hotel and we will pick you up!

First we get used to the bikes and practice the main things before we go to the actual routes. There are three different routes to the degree of difficulty: white, pink and black trail route. So there is suitable route for everyone!

Best way to explore and get in touch with Finnish nature!

When everyone feels comfortable with their bike we start riding the white trail route. It is a wide path that is smooth and on quite easy terrain. After testing and riding on the white trail route we will modify the day suitable for everyone. Usually participants are divided into two groups according experience. Groups may change during the day as experience is gained.

For example the more experienced riders can be directed straight to pink trail route and rest will continue with easier routes. Maximum fun is guaranteed

Safari is held at Kakkurintie 1, 34330 Ylöjärvi